Izzo 4 Tutus


Pre-Sale Questions

The child tutus have an elastic waist and fit kids between the ages of 1 and 5.  The length is 12″ unless specified that it is 11 inches.


Yes, we can make several for your party or event.  Please give us some lead time and heads up…  just in case we are out dancing in the street.  We ship by USPS Priority Mail, so usually the ship time is only 3-4 days.

The tutus are soft 100% polyester and they wear very well, but if your tiny dancer makes a mess, hand rinse in cool water.  The silk flowers, beads, sequins or buttons that we have sewn on for embellishments are durable.  Hang to dry.  Do not iron or put in the dryer.  Do not use harsh detergents.  A gentle wash with little soap works well.

We can type the answer in here.

We have all the answers in the universe.

We just might be getting together for a punch and cookie party.  Must be wearing a tutu.


A 2nd block of FAQs

You can select a color for a tutu, choose 3 colors of flowers and then let us create one for you.  Have an idea for St. Patrick’s Day or 4th of July?  We can handle that for you.

The answers are here.

Yes, we do!!  Wands also to really make magic.  Now you are really talking about an outfit to dance in the sunshine.


Yes, we call that the BFF category.  How cool is that!  Order for your little girl and the doll tutu will be made to match!

Shipping & Returns

We ship by USPS Priority Mail with a tracking number.  We can add your email to the shipping label and you will get a notification of shipment and anticipated arrival time.

Postage for outside the United States varies.  We would check postage for your country and weigh your package to add the appropriate postage.


We really aim to please all our customers.  If you have an issue with a tutu, please contact us and we will work to resolve.  We do not have an automatic return/refund policy.


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